Polluted River cause Indian dogs to turn blue in color

Polluted River cause Indian dogs to turn blue in color

As per news reports, blue colored dogs are found roaming the streets of Navi Mumbai in India.

Homeless-stray dogs looking for food regularly swim into the Kasadi River, yet on account of the industrial waste that has been discharged into the water; besides the dump, they pull out, the dogs have developed with a Smurf-like dye job.

Hindustan Times investigated on Aug 12 and the report claims that at least five bright blue dogs have been found in the industrial area of the city.

At the point when the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) explored the matter, the organization found that a privately owned company was utilizing blue color in its items, for example; cleansers, detergents, etc and the waste created from that procedure was advanced into the river. Jayavant Hajare, who is a provincial officer at the MPCB, told the Hindustan Times, “Despite the fact that the region around the company is restrained, five to six dogs entered the site in search of food and got the blue shading on them.”

Up until this point, dogs appear to be the only creatures having an effect of the blue dye. However, it is said by the animal rights activists that different creatures, including birds and reptiles, may likewise be hit on by this contagion.

About 1,000 pharmaceutical, food, and building production lines that are situated in the region discharge their wastage into that river. It was even reported by a newspaper that testing done by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation found that the water is excessively dirtied, making it impossible to support life.


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