Launching Green Ambulance

An ambulance to treat plants in the city! Strange as it might sound, but ‘Green Ambulances’ are now plying on roads in the city to take care of plants and grow new ones.

The service was launched on the Independence Day by a city-based NGO in association with Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). While VMC had arranged for electric three-wheel vehicles for the ambulances through a donor, they will be operated by NGO Pagdand that has provided personnel and other resources.

The ambulances have personnel trained in gardening and will have tools necessary for taking care of plants. They also have tanks for watering the plants. At present two such ambulances have been put on the roads in the city which have begun to patrol different areas to take care of plants.

Pagdand founder trustee Nishith Dand said sustenance of plants was a major issue. “While numerous saplings are planted only 13 per cent of them survive. The ambulances will ensure that their survival rate is better,” he said.

Besides nurturing existing plants, the ambulances will also replace plants that have withered away at various public places. The ambulances will also cater to societies, schools and individuals who want to plant new saplings in their premises.

The two ambulances are being operated as a pilot project till November. Dand said if the experiment is successful, more ambulances can be deployed across the city.

Similar electric vehicles christened Swachhta Patrols have been deployed by the VMC in the city to lift garbage strewn around. An official posted on these vehicles also slaps fines on those who are found littering the city.