Mr. Nishith Dand

Mr. Nishith Dand Former  Chairman of CII Central Gujarat Zonal Council and the Managing Director of Sure Safety(India) Pvt Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Safety equipment for Industries, Defense and Aerospace sectors. He is fondly known as the “Space Suit Man”, as Sure safety is the first to manufacture the “Astronaut Crew Escape Suit” for ISRO. He is also credited with many a firsts for the Industry to ensure Safety of the Industrial personnel specially in the fields of Respiratory and Body protection. Beside his entrepreneurial  endeavors, Mr. Dand is passionate about biodiversity conservation and environmentalism. This passion led him to slay the foundation of  ‘Pagdand’, an NGO, based in Vadodara, along with likeminded people working in the area of biodiversity conservation. This is besides his proactive involvement in areas concerning the problems faced by the City of Vadodara like the tree plantation drive and relocation of trees being uprooted to widen the roads etc.