Eco Club


hildren can be powerful advocates to bring about change. Children being young and flexible are more open to new ideas and change as compared to adults. Once empowered with the right information, they are in an influential position to transform their society and induce them to become more conscious of the environment.

Eco clubs can provide them with the opportunity to learn and explore about their world in an engaging and stimulating environment. Children not confined by conventional classroom lectures, show more creativity when they are given the freedom to create solutions to problems through activity-based programs. Nurturing passion and awareness towards environment preservation at a young age can lead to a future comprised of environment guardians. Sparking an interest in conservation at a young age can also lead to future green technologists and activists.

Currently pagdand has set up Eco Clubs in 4 schools under the authorization of Nagar Prathmik Shikshan Samiti (NPSS) in Gotri and Gadapura , Vadodara. we are aiming to target 20 schools in next 3 years. The number of schools under the project will be slowly increased to as many government and private schools as possible in Vadodara and may be initiated outside of Vadodara as well.

Glimpse of Eco Club Sessions

Eco Club Session – 1

Eco club session – 2

Eco club session – 3

Completion of 1 Year