PAGDAND works on environment. Among all with the main purpose of the green belt policy is to protect the land around larger urban centres from urban sprawl, and maintain the designated area for forestry and agriculture as well as to provide habitat to wildlife.

Green belt offers a number of benefits for both urban and rural population. By preventing the urban sprawl, it helps protect agricultural activities and the unique character of rural communities. Urban population, on the other hand, is provided an access to an open space which offers opportunities for outdoor activities and an access to clean air.

Process and steps included while developing Green belt are as follows:

1. Ground Cleaning
2. Plants Trimming.
3. Ground levelling.
4. Termite treatment.
5. Soil Manure.
6. Digging work.
7. Plantation.
8. Fencing and water PVC pipes.

The above steps are done for development of Green belt.

Our Current beneficiaries includes:

1. INEOS STRYOLUTION: We are currently working with INEOS-STROLUTION for green belt development. We are currently developing green belt at 79278 SQ.FT which includes three sites (I.e. R.O.Plant, GIDC Main gate and RO plant, Nandesari-391340, Vadodara.

Need of Green belt:
As per the stipulations of MOEF, green belt is to be provided all around the power station boundary by planting trees and the total green area including landscaping area will be 1/3rd (About 33%) of the plant area. This will include Lay down area which will be later on converted into Green area.

Fencing with Gate
The area is covered with fencing and gate to mkae it secure and safe from animals and other unwanted problems.