Tree Bank


ree Bank is the art and technology of managing trees in and around urban community ecosystems for physiological, sociological, economic and aesthetic benefits trees provide for society. Tree banks serve the dual purposes of providing green cover as well as acting as a source for trees of indigenous species Trees have the obvious positive impact on the environment as well. They help clean air, soil and water and improve the quality of their health. Green spaces are also associated with cooler temperatures. Trees also aid in carbon sequestration, which is the process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it to solid or liquid form they provide a space for recreation and a means to connect with nature. They are a breath of fresh air in busy and stressful city conditions. They also provide a home to a myriad range of urban biodiversity.

Tree bank is a concept different from a nursery; it is a space where plants are maintained till it attains the height of 7- 8 feet. The main object of the Tree Bank Pagdand is to secure availability of Indigenous plants in large quantity and to encourage the General Public to grow plants.

Pagdand tree bank is being developed under the guidance of Mr. Avinash Damde. Mr. Damde is an expert in tree plantations and their nurturing. Pagdand is giving everyone the opportunity to learn how to care for trees and ensure they grow up to become strong mature trees.

Glimpse of Tree Bank Workshop - 1