Too often, those who have the power to influence policies and decisions regarding the environment are not fully aware of the consequences of their decisions. It is imperative to bring important environmental issues to the forefront in order to bring changes that have a legal basis. Policy advocacy is a powerful tool to inform concerned stakeholders about crucial environmental issues. Environmental advocacy aims at both protecting people from biohazards, as well as protecting the natural world. It is a long-term process to problem solving with sustained efforts. The purpose of policy advocacy at Pagdand is:

  • Creating policies where none exist.
  • Refining harmful or ineffective policies.
  • Ensuring good policies are followed, implemented and enforced.

What Pagdand is doing

We advocate to influence the policies and actions of governments, academicians, institutions, the private sector and the community at large. Our Advocacy encompasses research and policy analysis, communications and public campaigning. In different situations, our advocacy can be focused on securing formal policy changes, driving implementation of existing policy or creating an enabling environment for change.

These issues include, water, climate change, biodiversity and education. To do so, we engage in key debates by:

  • Encouraging members’ mobilisation and, whenever possible, coordinating collective action
  • Providing expertise
  • Participating in relevant policy meetings
  • Coordinating with individuals and organisations