Our Team

Governing Council 2019-20

Dr. Ranjitsinh V. Devkar

Dr. Devkar is an expert in zoology with 15 years worth of research experience under his belt. His research interests include…


Dr. Smita Pradhan

Dr. Pradhan is a member of the the Wildlife Advisory Board, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government…


Mr. Nishith Dand

Mr. Nishith Dand Former  Chairman of CII Central Gujarat Zonal Council and the Managing Director of Sure Safety (India) Pvt Ltd…

Mr. Bhavesh Lodaya

Mr. Lodaya is the director of dot2dot Advertising Private Limited, Vadodara, Gujarat, a flourishing advertising company catering to a large…

Green Ambulance

Mr. Viral Chaudhary

Mr. Viral Chaudhary is the founder and CEO of Phoolwool, an online flower delivery service based in Vadodara, Gujarat…


Education & Awareness

Ms. Sonal Shah

A Developmental Psychologist by profession, meticulous, perfectionist, a passionate trainer, Ms. Sonal is a real leader…


Ms. Anuprita Dand

The Director of Sure Safety Pvt Ltd., one of the main guiding forces for Pagdand, Mrs Dand is a passionate advocate for….


Ms. Anupama Kothari

Mrs. Kothari is a former teacher who has 18 years of experience in teaching. A graduate in B.Ed with specialization in English….


Ms. Alefia

Ms. Reena Rastogi

Environment: I grow plants for many reasons-to please my soul ,to challenge my patience for my creativity, But mostly for the…


Ms. Tejal Shah

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,The next best time is Today. Let’s nurture the nature to have a better fut….


Urban Forestry & Farming

Mr. Ravindran Nambiar

Mr. Ravi Nambiar is the co-founder and CMO of Phoolwool, an online flower delivery service based in Vadodara, Gujarat…


Ms. Kshama Patil

Ms. Kshama Patil is the founder of Saksham Consultancy, an HR consultancy firm based in Vadodara. Outside of her work, she…


Mr. Avinash Damle

Mr. Avinash Damle is a tree plantation expert who believes in taking action to bring change. An avid tree lover, he has worked…


Water Bodies Conservation

Shakti Bhatt

Shakti Bhai is Pagdand’s Water Expert and acts as the consultant for our water conservation projects. He has years of expertise…


Dr. Arjun mehta


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