Tree Translocation


Urbanisation and development are an inevitable part of today’s life. Road widening and building of flyovers have to happen in every city, but it comes at the cost of losing green cover. As we all know, trees are an important part of our ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of the area. Trees help improve the quality of air, water and soil. Reforestation and tree conservation are hence crucial responsibilities that we all share.

Urban forests are essential to maintain the quality of life of cities. People derive both physiological as well as psychological benefits from trees. However, in a drive for “development”, trees are indiscriminately cut down. Trees take several years to reach maturity and hence the rate at which we are losing tree cover far outstrips the rate of reforestation. This is where the concept of tree transplantation comes in. Tree transplantation is one of the best technologies to facilitate construction of large-scale projects in a sustainable fashion. Why cut trees which have taken years to grow, when we can transplant them in a more secure location.

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Pagdand collaborated with VMC in order to translocate several large trees on Jail road, Vadodara, which were intended to be cut down in order to make space for widening the road. Pagdand assisted by providing information  on nutritions to be  used in the process of tree translocation.