ujarat has only 11.05% of its geographical area declared as forest, which is much below the national average. Under the given circumstances the only way forward for Gujarat is to increase tree cover in the non-forest areas ,so in order to meet this predicament green ambulance program was launched as an initiative to increase the green cover of the city of Vadodara.

Under this programme, Pagdand embarked upon an ambitious mission of organising and motivating people to take up tree plantation on lands like wastelands, roadsides, canal sides, farmlands ,school and college compounds and other government lands.

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The main objectives of the green ambulance programme as it was started were to increase green cover of Vadodara by  integrating all available land under the tree cover programmes and to improve carbon sink. More than 1300 saplings have been planted and are being maintained across various locations under this program since its conception. The results of the programme were encouraging, and is being well appreciated by the community in Vadodara and outside of the city alike.

Pagdand currently operates two Green Ambulances, which are both electric vehicles. They are both equipped with necessary gardening tools, water, fertilisers and pesticides. They can immediately respond any call they get for assistance and make daily rounds to maintain previously planted saplings.

With increasing environmental problems such as climate change, tree plantation and wood consumption are expected to increase considerably in the near future. It hence becomes more and more imperative to increase the tree count as well as involve the community in this drive.

Two Green Ambulances with Vadodara Municipal Corporation Support